Friday, March 11, 2011

I Do?

Unfortunately among some, marriage nowadays is looked at as a joke; even to those whom are already married. Though divorce may be at an all time high, people, religiously, are still getting married. Why? I believe because secretly they know they have a way of escape when things turn out unexpected. They know that "divorce" is an option. I'm not at all referencing divorces due to abuse and or/infidelity. By all means that is extremely necessary. What I'm saying is that we divorce for reasons that fall severly short of: till death to us part...for richer or for poorer...through sickness and in health. Do we really mean "I do", when it comes to the vows we profess to one another? Is our word really our bond? We separate over the pettiest of things, when in actuality it is these very issues that can grow an individual. It's sad that we don't take the institution of marriage seriously because quite frankly, by law...we don't have to.

Please note, this isn't at all to condemn those that have gotten divorced, but it is to help those remember that marriage is a commitment. If you aren't ready for marriage, this isnt a crime, but if you are, be ready to go the distance. Marry with the intent of it being forever, not with both of you making sure the "exit" is within view. If we respected the sanctity of marriage as a whole, maybe most wouldn't be so ready to throw in the towel. On the other hand, it is sad when one party wants to work it out, while the other is walking away with their hands up....


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  1. I feel what you are saying, but what can you say to those whom are trying to stay and work it out but their mates want to give up!! What to do???